Attract Clients - Close Deals

Our service offers a unique marketing tool for those who promote commercial real estate. What was developed is a property portal that's effortlessly added to your website. With the portal added to your website, you can instantly present information about your commercial properties to your website visitors. You'll also enjoy the easy to use administrative area to edit, delete, or add new properties to your portal anytime you wish.

Each portal comes with real-time tracking about the website visitors that viewed your properties. You'll know the visitors' name, their social link, and the frequency of their visits to each property (including properties from other company portals), and the visitor favorites. This vital information is the key to understanding how to turn potential leads into closed deals. We highly recommend viewing our PDF, How the Portals Works to learn how to best benefit from the portals many advanced features in both the visitors and admin areas.

Below are live property portals. The portal your visitors will experience when the portal is active on your company website. You can review each segment below and experience the power your new portal can offer in gaining exposure and closing more deals. Don't forget, the property portal opens on top of your webpage, so you never have to worry about changing any of your existing page layouts or design.

Know Who's Visiting

Social log-in enables you to know your visitors' name, their social link, and the frequent of properties they viewed, and favorited.


Landing Page Set-up

Your landing page can be the city page or the searce page shown below if you have fewer properties.


Searchable Database

Our advanced search feature makes it easy for visitors to find the properties that best match their leasing requirements.


Property Information

All formats expertly designed, easy to read and allow visitors to locate the properties that best meet their requirements quickly.


Large Property Photos

Upload 20 large brilliant pictures and one video that will be sure to engage and entice visitors into taking a tour of your property.


Available Suites Information

Your visitors enjoy information to include room count, square footage, rental rates, expense type, photos, a video, and a floor plan.


Large Suite Photos

Large images and videos help visitors prequalify your properties which saves both agents and prospects time and money.


The Power of Google

Our service was built using the Google Cloud Platform ensuring enough scalability to keep up with increased property postings and traffic.

We're proud to offer a professional easy to use service that you and your website visitors will find beneficial. Our plug-in-play website portal is easy to install, simple to use, and highly cost-effective. It's time to experience how easy it is to offer your website visitors a visual tour of your commercial properties, while also enjoying benefits that will help you generate more closings.