One easy-to-use tool. One affordable price. One ingenious way to place your commercial properties in-front of your website visitors.

The time is now to start promoting your commercial properties on a service that offers both exclusivity as well as public access to property data. We developed an amazing Software as a Service (SaaS) we classified as the Private and Public Portals. These Portals can be added to any website to display a searchable database to include properties exclusively in your account and you may also opt-in and share your information with anyone accessing our Public Portal. Companies benefiting from our Public Portal are those that control large audiences that require commercial space in their daily business. These companies include but are not limited to Corporate Insurance Companies, Board of REALTORS, Tenant Rep Agents as well as Investors.

Adding your commercial properties to our service is free and using our Public and Private Portals on your website is also free. If you want to take advantage of our Advance Visitor Tracking (AVT) and our In-house Chat Service (ICS), you’ll need to upgrade. Everyone is required to log-in using their social media account to view properties, much like you’ve seen on many prominent websites such as LinkedIn. This allows us to track who is viewing your properties in real time and gives you the ability to contact such visitors using our In-house Chat Service. Visitors can use our tracking to save their favorites, view a history of properties they’ve visited, and be in direct communication with the property representatives. In addition, all properties in our service have been set up for one-click social sharing that includes a property photo and description. Create an Account and add unlimited properties to the service for free. Upgrade and use the promotion code “One Month Free” and receive a one-month free trial of our Advanced Visitor Tracking and In-House Chat service.

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Quick Tour of Services

Learn how you can benefit from our innovative approach to gathering and distributing information about the availability of commercial properties. Our service was developed not as an analytical tool, but to simplify the daunting task of fulfilling even the most challenging commercial space requirements. You’ll enjoy our service because it’s simple to use, powered by Google Cloud, and you won’t find a less expensive way to gain maximum exposure for your available for-sale and for-lease commercial properties.

Keeping it Real

To access the property information, visitors must sign in using social media. This lets us verify who’s viewing your property. The log-in information accumulated by these visits is used for advanced tracking. Visitors also benefit from having access to their own tracking, including favorites and a list of all the properties previously visited. Plus, they enjoy an in-house chat service that keeps communication channels open yet private.

Real Time Access

With our service, there are no delays waiting for a third-party service to update important sales and leasing information. The owner’s representative has complete access to add, delete or update properties in real time. The links displayed on the bottom of the page allow visitors to look up their favorites and page history. These links allow easy access to look at previously viewed properties. To locate a property, select your property type, transaction type and your market area, and our service instantly displays how many properties are available.

Worldwide or Citywide

If the property can be found using Google Street Views, you can add that property to the service free of charge. If you’re using our Private Portal, the map will automatically adjust the zoom level to include all the properties in your account. Your visitors will enjoy locating properties using advanced searches that include an array of features. A List View option is also available, displaying images of the properties that were returned with the search.

Sales and Leasing Information

Our services ensure visitors are viewing your property information in a format that is easy to read and to understand. Our format is user friendly, and visitors can quickly locate what they are looking for. We specifically designed our service to provide you and your visitors with inclusive information that will benefit everyone needing to locate commercial space.

Large Property Photos

Large brilliant photos and videos that load instantly engage and entice visitors. With up to 20 large photos and a video you can professionally promote your property. We have also found that many owner representatives are using 360-degree video cameras to promote their space. Our service enables YouTube video playback and adding a standard video or 360-degree video is as easy as pasting your YouTube video link.

Available Suites

By providing your visitors with detailed information on each individual suite, you could close a deal sight unseen. Detailed information includes a room count, square footage, rental rates, expense type, photos, a video and a floor plan along with notes about the suite. Our service makes locating properties with even the most difficult space requirements easy by using searchable keywords for both the property and suites. The owner’s representative enters these keywords to best describe their available space.

Large Suite Photos

Your visitors can use the instantly loading videos and large brilliant photos to quickly locate good-fit properties, which makes everyone's time and effort more efficient and productive. The use of 360-degree videos by owner's representatives is exploding since they give visitors an even better idea of the space when pre-qualifying than by looking at photos only.

Built with the Power of Google

Our service was built using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This ensures sufficient scalability to keep up with increased listings and traffic. As a cloud-hosting environment, GCP guarantees the information for your listing is always accessible. Unlike many other cloud providers, Google is constantly evolving and utilizing open-source capabilities, which means that our service will only improve as time goes on.

Conclusion – Good, Better and Best

With over 3 years in development with each year improving our process, we can now offer you an easy to use, powerful system for you and your website visitors. You’ve been asking for an alternative to the existing CRE Information providers and now you have a new and less expensive option. Create an Account today and experience how easy it can be to market your available for-sale and for-lease commercial properties.